Close Protection

The close protection officers in the GuardSecure Ltd offer an unmatched close body protection service for individuals who require it. Our personnel include ex-police and military operatives, as well as individuals with vast experience as personal bodyguards and security in the entertainment industry.

We offer the most attentive, effective and committed personal protection service from us – covering London, UK and worldwide.

Chauffeur Driven Armoured Saloons

GuardSecure is a Highly Specialised provider of armoured car hire and Armoured Protection Services within the field of Government and Diplomatic Personnel as well as High Profile Royalty and their Families.

Armoured offer crucial protection to Heads of State, Diplomats, CEO’s, Directors as well as Media Personalities and key personnel in many areas of the world.

Armoured Car Hire and 4×4 Vehicles

Armoured Car Hire is our speciality, and we have been providing Armoured Passenger Cars, Security back-up Vehicles and the necessary Security Personnel and Auxiliary Transport for major assignments both home and abroad since 2001.

As a leading supplier of Chauffeur Driven Armoured Vehicles, we are able to provide a range of Armoured 4 X 4 vehicles and Luxury Armoured Saloon Cars to meet the needs of our clientele.

Chauffeur Driven Armoured Fleet based in UK Only.

Our Chauffeur Driven Armoured Fleet is made up of very carefully selected models from within the prestige vehicle sector that meet our high standards.This allows us to offer our clients a wider choice and enables us to provide specialist security vehicles that blend in with your other vehicular requirements.

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Security Guards

We conduct a meticulous Threat and Risk Assessment for clients that require close protection, enabling us to devise and enact a tailor-made solution for the safety of the individual or individuals within our care.

Our Close Protection Operatives are directed and supported by a Close Protection Manager, ensuring comprehensive back-up and organisation.

We pride ourselves on offering expertly-designed, perfectly-executed, bespoke close body protection services for those who need them.

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