Front of House Security

Front of house security perform a variety of roles in a business premises. Firstly, they are there to greet staff and visitors when they arrive, helping them with anything they may need and letting them know there’s security in the building.

Secondly, any intruders or vandals looking to gain access to the building will know of their presence, which will serve as a deterrent to their planns

Concierge Security

As well as offering security, a concierge security or reception security staff member will provide a warm welcome for those who visit your property, making the best possible first impression before their meeting or appointment, covering London & UK.

Whatever you require of a front of house security officer, the professionals at Guard Secure can provide it. Simply contact us today to find out more.


How many security guards do I need?

‘When thinking about the security of your business — or a one-off event — the number of security guards you have stationed will have a direct impact on the security, safety, comfort and image of your premises.’

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