K9 Security Services 

We customize our service to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.  Whether you need a daily on-site officer, several guards for a one time event, or simply a nightly patrol, GuardSecure K9 Security can help you come up with a plan to keep you and your property safe. 
Our Guards are experienced in dealing with all types of security issues.  All of our guards are certified, background checked, and receive on-going training.  We can be discrete, or make a visual presence. 
Our Guards are supervised by our K9 Security Units, who are available to assist the On-Site Officer, if necessary.  



GuardSecure Ltd drug detection dog teams operate at airports, hospitals, offices, police operations, events and music festivals. 

Our Proactive Drug Detection Dogs detect the presence of drugs by searching cars, buildings, schools, factories, aircraft and ships. 

Commanded by the handler, the dog indicates the presence of drugs by giving a passive signal, normally a sit or a 'stand and stare'. 

Our Passive Drug Detection Dogs scan people entering work places, nightclubs, festivals, airports and many other environments. 

Worked on a lead by the handler, our dogs make no contact with the people they scan. If drugs are detected on a person, the dog will sit in front of them, giving grounds for a security officer or police officer to conduct a search for unlawful possession of drugs.

GuardSecure Ltd are licensed by the Home Office to store and keep real drug samples for the purposes of detection dog training.

We do not use pseudo drugs for training our drug detection dogs.



An Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) remains the most consistent and reliable method of detecting explosives.

Our explosive detection dog teams can be employed to search buildings, vehicles, aircraft, ships, hotels, sporting events and conferences.

"Bomb Dogs" as they are also called, are quicker, more effective and significantly more accurate than a human search team. They also provide a high profile deterrent and deliver reassurance to staff, visitors, customers and the general public.

Our highly experienced explosive detection dog teams have undergone rigorous training and our handlers are former police and military specialists. We can work alongside your existing security staff for long or short contracts and for one-off events. Our explosive search dogs all have pet passports, which enable us to mobilise quickly if needed on overseas deployments.

We do not use any type of pseudo explosive training aids. 



GuardSecure Ltd tobacco detection dog teams work in partnership with various departments and agencies in the fight against illicit tobacco.

Able to detect both counterfeit and genuine tobacco and cigarettes, our dogs are trained on tobacco seized whilst carrying out operational tasks around the UK.

Our tobacco detection dog teams have worked on operations alongside HM Revenue & Customs, NHS Trusts, the Police and Trading Standards, locating counterfeit and illicit tobacco products and detecting tobacco smuggled into hospitals and clinics.



Our firearms detection dog teams detect firearms, magazines, shells and shell casings. 

Buildings, vehicles, aircraft, ships, hotels, sporting events and conferences can all be searched by our highly experienced firearm detection dogs. Both dogs and handlers have undergone rigorous training and our handlers are all former police or military personnel. 

Our firearms detection teams can be deployed in the UK or overseas, for long or short term contracts and for one-off events.

Firearms detection dogs can locate the following items.

  • Firearms (cleaned and recently fired)
  • Magazines (loaded and empty)
  • Shells (both brass and shotgun)
  • Shell Casings (empty and have been discharged)
The K9 Guard Units are exclusive to GuardSecure Ltd
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