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Licensing Process

  • Attend and pass training

  • Apply to the SIA for license

  • Submit identity

  • Pay licence fee

  • Pass criminal record check

  • Receive SIA License 

SIA license requirements

 All candidates undertaking security training must be at least 18 years of age or over to apply.  Proof of Identity - Applicants must produce ONE photo identity document (passport/driving license) as well as TWO forms of proof of address dated within 3 months from the SIA application.  Any one (1) items from Group A (at least one document must show candidate's date of birth). And 2 documents from Group A and B - documents must show candidate's current address and at least one document must show candidate's date of birth. Where applicable, supporting documents for SIA licence must be dated within 3 months from date of receipt by the SIA. If presenting documents for SIA training course registration the issue date must be within 3 months from date of exam with the exception of birth certificate, P60.


  • Passport (any nationality)

  • UK Photo Driving Licence (both parts of the full or provisional licence)

  • UK Birth Certificate or certified copy issued within 12 months of birth, but not photocopy


  • Valid EU photo ID

  • Signed UK paper driving licence

  • Marriage Certificate or civil partnership Cert

  • Mortgage Statement

  • Letter from: Inland Revenue, Job centre, Dept of Work & pensions, Local Authority

  • Certified copy of a UK birth certificate issued more than 12 months of date of birth

  • Multiple Credit card Statements can be accepted if issued by different banks or companies

  • P45 Statement

  • Pension/Endowment or ISA Stmt

  • Court Summons

  • P60 Statement

  • Certificate of British Nationality

  • Bank/Building Society Statement

  • British Work Permit or Visa

  • Utility bill from current address

Criminality Check

The SIA make background checks (CRB) on license applicants. If you have a criminal license please check with the SIA directly or through their “Criminality Criteria” page that you are able to do apply for an SIA License.