Dog Training by GuardSecure Ltd


We use our vast experience here at GuardSecure Ltdto train dogs and handlers, set up dog sections and provide educational training.

Detection dog training

As fully qualified handlers, we have vast experience in training dogs, not just to sniff out drugs, weapons and explosives, but to find new and interesting odours. 

Dog handler training

We can pass on our years of experience and assist with the training and development of new handlers, here in the UK.  

New dog section set up

We can expertly project manage the creation of new dog units, from deciding which kennels to use to the selection of dog and handlers. 

Refresher and continuation training

We regularly run training days and refresher courses for all discipline of detection dogs at our HQ in Kent.

Odour I.D Tests

Every month we carry out 'Odour I.D Testing' with all of our detection dogs and we open these days up to visitors too. We are able to setup odour I.D testing for drugs, explosives, cash, firearms and tobacco detection dogs. 


For Booking Please CALL: +44 800 999 1214